The founder of Company ASHUH is Ana Klikovac PhD.

Ana Klikovac is a homeopath and owner of Annah Centre for Homeopathy and Support of Health, where she is working with a total of five different modalities in natural healing: Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, Biochemic tissue salts, Australian Bush Flower Essences, and Buteyko breathing method.

Mission and vision of ASHUH

The Mission of ASHUH is to spread the knowledge about homeopathy through the organization of seminars, conferences, lectures, book publishing, and promotional activities, and to transfer the advanced knowledge and experiences to all the countries of the World where these are needed, in order to achieve that homeopathy receives a well-deserved reputation of an acknowledged and effective medical treatment.

The Vision of ASHUH is to become a successful and acknowledged world’s promotor of homeopathy, and a central place of promotional activities in the field of homeopathy, which unites the homeopaths practicing different approaches in homeopathy from various parts of the world, with a single aim of helping homeopathy become globally acknowledged as an effective method of medical treatment.

About Ana Klikovac PhD

Ana Klikovac is a homeopath with a Ph.D. in economics (accounting and auditing).
She lives in Zagreb, Croatia. She is an owner of Annah centre for homeopathy and support of health, in Zagreb, Croatia. She is also an owner of ASHUH company, Zagreb, established for promoting homeopathy through various projects like organising seminars, conference, as well as book publication.

Ana completed a programme of classical and French homeopathy in Zagreb. She devoted herself to many years of learning from the world’s best homeopaths. She has visited The Other Song International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in India several times, where she participated in practical and professional training, specialising in both the Sensation Method and the ‘8 Box’ method of homeopathy.

Ana is a faculty member of The Other Song Academy, as well as TOS representative for European and international markets. Together with TOS, she is running a homeopathic academy in Zagreb, Croatia, since 2018, where she is teaching Organon, Materia Medica and Sensation Method.

Ana Šafran

In her homeopathic practice, Ana uses several different approaches in homeopathy (Classical homeopathy, French homeopathy, the Sensation method, the 8-box method, The Banerji Protocols, Detox method, various modern theories in homeopathy, as well as her unique approach of case taking and solving) and chooses the best approach according to the needs of the client and case specifics.

Alongside homeopathy, Ana works with several complementary methods.

She is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. She is also the first certified teacher for Bach flower remedies in Croatia. She teaches Level 1 and Level 2 courses on Bach flower remedies, approved by The Bach Centre from England.

She has edited a number of works by Dr Edward Bach in the Croatian language, and prepared and edited a book on Bach flower remedies.










She authored a book on Bach flower remedies, “Bach Flower Remedies for a Happy and Balanced Life”, in Croatian edition (Beletra, 2021) and English edition (B.Jain Publishing, 2021), with a foreword written by Anita Moorjani.

She is a consultant for Schuessler’s tissue salts and facial analysis. She is also a teacher for Schuessler salts and facial analysis.

She is a certified practitioner for Australian Bush Flower Essences, and an accredited practitioner of the Buteyko breathing method.

Ana says: ‘Homeopathy is my great love … something I greatly enjoy … that’s what God has given me as a gift, a talent and my life mission.’

As an international teacher of homeopathy and other complementary methods, Ana is inspiring many homeopaths worldwide to include tissue salts and Bach flower remedies into their range of services.

The meaning of the name “ASHUH”

The name “ASHUH” is wisely chosen, and it stands for:

  • A as ANA. Ana Klikovac PhD, the founder of ASHUH company.
  • S as SAMUEL (dr Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy), and SANKARAN (Dr Rajan Sankaran, the inventor of the Sensation method).
  • H as HAHNEMANN and HERING. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician and a founder of homeopathy. Dr. Constantine Hering was a German physician who emigrated to USA, where he founded the first homeopathic college, as well as made numerous contributions to homeopathy in 19th century, and made greatest contributions to spread dr. Hahnemann’s work.
  • U an UNION

Ana / Samuel / Sankaran / Hanemann / Hering / UNION in HOMEOPATHY

How to pronounce ASHUH?

ASHUH: / əˈʃu: /

Also, some international clients find it hard to pronounce my last name Klikovac.

Klikovac: / klɪkovats /

ASHUH logo

ASHUH logo actually has two meanings for Ana.

  1. ASHUH logo shows the trees with many fruits. The tree represents homeopathy, and the fruits represent various methods of case solving in homeopathy, which all come from the same tree and bring the same result – benefit for clients of homeopathy.
  2. At the same time, the tree represent the homeopath who know many modalities of natural healing, and works with various methods to bring the best results in practice for his clients.