Buteyko Breathing Sessions

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“Buteyko Breathing Sessions

Total of 3 monthly sessions: February 25th, March 25th, April 29th, 2022
from 5-7 PM Zagreb time
Teacher: Ana Klikovac PhD, certified Buteyko practitioner
Language: English
Course fee: 199 EUR

Learn about the Buteyko breathing exercises and improve the level of your health!

The sessions are conducted monthly, so that you would be able to track the improvement in your health, provide feedback to your trainer, ask questions based on your experiences in using the breathing exercises, and get corrections by your trainer if any are needed for your Buteyko breathing techniques.

How does “incorrect breathing” affect our body?

You are not breathing properly if:

  • you are breathing through your mouth often
  • you sleep with your mouth open (possible even snoring)
  • you cannot run or walk fast with your mouth closed
  • you cannot climb stairs without opening your mouth for easier breathing
  • your breathing is loud, fast, with need for frequent deep breaths

Probably you are sleeping with your mouth open if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • dry mouth on waking
  • thirst on waking
  • sleepiness and tiredness throughout the day
  • poor concentration and brain fag
  • nervousness and anxiety during the day
  • frequent urination during night

Chronic hyperventilation creates very loud breathing, which burdens the body and affects a person’s health in a variety of ways. When too much breathing becomes a habit, the body tries to balance the imbalance of gases in the blood and every organ in the body will suffer:

Respiratory system: wheezing, stuffy nose, loss of taste and smell, runny nose, sneezing, difficulty breathing, coughing, chest pressure, frequent respiratory infections, pollen allergies, frequent yawning and snoring.
Nervous system: poor concentration, dizziness, numbness of arms and legs, fainting, trembling and headache.
Heart: rapid heartbeat, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, hypertension.
Mind: restlessness, frustration, irritability, tension, depression, lethargy, stress, anxiety, panic attacks.
Other symptoms: dry mouth, fatigue, insomnia, nocturnal awakening, sleep apnea, hypopnea, difficulty in waking up and getting up from bed, decreased productivity, bad dreams, nightmares, dry skin, itchy skin, sweating of the palms, frequent urination, frequent urination at night, bedwetting, diarrhoea, constipation, general weakness, chronic exhaustion.

How will I know I’m not breathing properly?

If you have any of the above symptoms, it means you are hyperventilating. Nine out of ten people do not breathe properly.

How is this course going to benefit me?

You will know more about their discovery of Buteyko method, made by dr Konstantin Buteyko, and about today’s application of this method in practice.

Curse content:

  • discovery of the Buteyko breathing method
  • what are correct and incorrect breathing patterns
  • how we can easily measure our health state by using Buteyko’s control pause measure
  • basic Buteyko exercise applicable to adults and children
  • advanced Buteyko exercises for adults
  • exercises for unblocking your nose during nose obstruction episodes
  • how to breathe properly by using your diaphragm
  • how to measure the improvement in your health
  • how to breathe properly during sleep
  • how to breathe properly during exercise
  • how to use Buteyko breathing for post-covid recovery
  • how to use Buteyko breathing to boost your health and immunity

By using this method you will be able to measure your improvement easily and you will see quick results!

Please note that this is a self-help course and not a course to become a certified Buteyko practitioner. However, when you learn how to breathe properly, and use these techniques yourself, you will easily spot incorrect breathing style, and health issues caused by it, in your clients. You can be a role model for your clients and gently guide them to learn how to apply small changes in the way they are breathing. You can advice them about the importance of nose breathing.

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