ASHUH presents an international mentoring program:


Beginning of the program: June 2024

Dates of the program: 12.6., 19.6., 26.6., 3.7., 10.7., 17.7. 2024.

Program director: Ana Klikovac PhD

Teacher: Ana Klikovac PhD

Language: English

Program fee: 399 EUR

Duration of the program: 18 hours / 6 sessions per 3 hours

Mentoring time: 5-8 PM CET (Zagreb time zone)

Please check your timezone here.

Prerequisites: Mentoring in Tissue Salts or previous use of Tissue Salts in your practice

Please note:

  • if you already studied tissue salts, from books or other teachers/schools, and you are already using tissue salts in your practice, you can join this program without the need to complete the course Mentoring in Tissue Salts.
  • if you don’t have previous knowledge in tissue salts, and you wish to learn more about them, you can enrol to the program Mentoring in Tissue Salts., to be able to follow the program on Facial Analysis. We will not be addressing the topics covered in the course Mentoring in Tissue Salts during the course on facial analysis.
  • You will be included in the International Register of Registered Practitioners for Schuessler Salts and Facial Analysis once you complete both courses, or submit a certificate from your previous education on tissue salts, or submit evidence you are already offering consultation on tissue salts in your practice.

The course might be beneficial for: 

  • Homeopathic doctors and homeopathic practitioners
  • Students of homeopathy
  • Medical doctors, veterinary doctors, dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, nurses and midwives, and other healthcare professionals interested in studying tissue salts
  • Researchers, scientists, professors and teachers of homeopathy
  • Practitioners of all other methods of alternative and integrative medicine interested in studying tissue salts
  • Individuals with no medical or homeopathic experience who are interested in tissue salts

Our face is a mirror of our health!

When you learn the skills of a facial analysis, by observation of make-up free faces, and not by applying any instruments, you will be able to better understand your client’s state of health and achieve greater results in your practice!

Also, you will understand your own face and state of health better.

Ana Klikovac is a homeopath and a practitioner for Schuessler Salts and facial analysis, with a rich experience in combining homeopathy and Schuessler Salts in her practice. Above all, Ana is an experienced teacher of homeopathy and other complementary methods. She mostly enjoys teaching these helpful methods and she has developed several educational programs on the methods she is using in her practice.

Mentoring with Ana is interactive, interesting and enriching!

Learn, help and have fun with facial analysis and Schuessler’s salt!

How do you perform facial analysis for Schuessler salts?

Qualified Schuessler Salt Consultants conduct the facial analysis to determine the condition of each tissue salt in the body (salt deficiency or excess) and the degree of tissue salt imbalance.

Client needs to come to the face analysis appointment without makeup so that the consultant can see the colour of the face and all the marks on it.

The consultant will most likely take a photo of you so that he can enlarge certain parts of the face on the computer and better analyze the face. The Schuessler Salt and Facial Analysis consultant, who is qualified to read the face, does not use any devices for this analysis, but does so solely by observing your face, live or via a computer image. Upon completion of the analysis, the client receives a list of all Schuessler Salts and the state of each of them in the body, as well as a recommendation for the use of Schuessler Salts.

After completing this program, you’ll be able to assess from the face:

  • deposits of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium and other minerals
  • current state of immunity
  • consequences of long-term use of drugs, anesthesia and aggressive therapies
  • consequences of exposure to electromagnetic and other radiation
  • degree of exposure to heavy metals
  • the degree of acidity of the organism
  • signs of the need for liver detoxification
  • signs of a need to support thyroid function
  • signs of possible food intolerance and allergen sensitivity
  • excess of certain minerals
  • deficiency of certain minerals
  • and many more signs

Facial analysis helps you develop a disease prevention plan

By knowing facial analysis you will be able to make an individualized disease prevention plan for your clients.

It is important to know, however, that facial analysis does not diagnose diseases, nor does it predict the onset of the disease. Facial analysis only determines the lack or excess of certain tissue salts in the body. Accordingly, the client is introduced to the area of ​​action of each Schuessler salt on the body and understands his/her weak points.

By advising on a nutrition program and the application of Schuessler salts, it is possible to develop an effective disease prevention plan for your clients.

The long-term use of Schuessler’s salts brings the body into a state of balance, strengthens a person’s immunity, and consequently leads to health, vitality, youthfulness and beauty.

Did you know that by analyzing the face and by the correct use of tissue salts, one can maintain beauty, youth and vitality?

Qualified Schuessler Salt Practitioner is the master of all the needed knowledge and skills to guide clients towards health, youthfulness, the quality of your hair, teeth and nails, and the beauty of the skin.

Apply now for the education on Schuessler Salts and facial analysis!

This mentoring program is held online via Zoom, in English language.

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Want to study Schuessler Salts and facial analysis?

Study facial analysis with Ana Klikovac and learn how to read deficiencies of Schuessler Salts on the face!

The course is practical with case studies from Ana’s practice.

The full fee for the program is 399 EUR.

By sending the payment of 399 EUR via Paypal to you will be registered for the Mentoring program on Facial Analysis!

Or send us an e-mail to with your inquiry and we will send you a pro-forma invoice if you wish to transfer the payment from your bank account.

Course materials and a certificate is provided to participants of this course.

After completion of the program, participants have the option to be included in the International Register of Registered Practitioners for Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis, maintained by ASHUH Company.

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Ana Klikovac PhD:

Phone: +385 1 7988 870
Mob: +385 99 322 1312


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this absolute eye opening and much treasured course I attended recently, called “Facial Analysis.”  I throughly enjoyed every moment of your teaching, and your teaching has opened me up for more of your knowledge.” Cheryl

“You a true blessing from above.  I have learned more than the subject of tissue salts.” Cheryl

“I want to say thank you for putting this course together and making it so much simpler to understand and recognise tissue salt deficiencies.  I really enjoy this course from the first day, three hours go by like thirty minutes. I had a few books, including the facial diagnosis book but it was just so unapproachable. Thanks to you everything makes sense now and I really appreciate it.” Maya

“I really enjoyed the facial analysis course so much – I learnt such a lot.” Ann

Dear Ana, I enjoyed every second of today’s webinar. Can’t wait for tomorrow.” , “This was one of the best courses that I’ve ever had. I loved the course, the classmates and your generous sharing of all information.” Shirin
As I completed my course on Tissue salts with Dr Ana, I was greatly inspired to joined the mentoring session on Facial Analysis with Dr Ana. As we started with the mentoring session, Dr Ana teaches in such a way that step by step you get to understand each and everything in complete way. By the end of course I  was so confident to start my own consultation on Facial Analysis. Great learning with many many case examples which is the best part. Seeing cases helps to understand things in more depth. And the best part of Dr Ana’s Teaching style is she explain each and everything in complete depth. “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”. So she involves every participant to speak up and discuss. The case solving session. And then how to do a consultation on Facial Analysis step by step. I am very grateful to Dr Ana for such wonderful learning experience.” Soni