ASHUH presents an international mentoring program:


with Ana Klikovac PhD

Beginning of the program: May, 2024

Dates of the program: 8.5., 15.5., 22.5., 29.5., 5.6. 2024.

Program Director and Teacher: Ana Klikovac PhD

Language: English

Program Fee: 339 EUR

Duration of the program: 15 hours / 5 sessions per 3 hours

Mentoring time: 5-8 PM CET (Zagreb time zone)

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Learn more about this simple healing method discovered by German physician and a homeopath, dr Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, in the 19th century. According to dr Schuessler, disease will develop only when there is a disbalans of the minerals levels in the body. We need quantitative and qualitative balance of tissue salts to stay healthy, and every excess or lack of minerals will lead to diseases and health problems

Prerequisites: None

The course might be beneficial for: 

  • Homeopathic doctors and homeopathic practitioners
  • Students of homeopathy
  • Medical doctors, veterinary doctors, dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, nurses and midwives, and other healthcare professionals interested in studying tissue salts
  • Researchers, scientists, professors and teachers of homeopathy
  • Practitioners of all other methods of alternative and integrative medicine interested in studying tissue salts
  • Individuals with no medical or homeopathic experience who are interested in tissue salts

By completing this program, you will learn the following: 

  • Materia Medica of Biochemic Tissue Salts 1-33 (12 basic tissue salts, and 21 additional tissue salt). See full list of Tissue Salts HERE.
  • Examples from practice on useful combinations and applications of Tissue Salts
  • Prescribing Biochemic Tissue Salts together with Homeopathy
  • Precautions on prescribing Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • Useful combinations of tissue salts for various health issues
  • Useful dosage recommendations for acute and chronic diseases

How using Biochemic Tissue Salts might benefit your practice?

  • Combine Biochemic Tissues Salts with homeopathy and other natural healing methods for even better results in your practice
  • Treat certain conditions only with Biochemic Tissue Salts
  • Find out why you don’t have a progress with some clients – it might be that the cause of their problems is Biochemic Salt deficiency
  • Learn this method for easy application! You have only 33 Biochemic Tissue Salts to study (12 main minerals, and 21 additional minerals), compared to numerous remedies in homeopathy

INCLUDED IN THE PROGRAM FEE: extensive course materials with Materia Medica

The full fee for the program is 339 EUR.

By sending the payment of 339 EUR via Paypal to you will be registered for the Mentoring program in Tissue Salts!

Or send us an e-mail to with your inquiry and we will send you a pro-forma invoice if you wish to transfer the payment from your bank account.

CERTIFICATION: A certificate of participation will be issued to all participants


After completing both courses (Mentoring in Tissue Salts and Mentoring in Facial Analysis), participants may want to join the International Register of Registered Practitioners for Tissue Salts and Facial Analysis maintained by ASHUH Company.

For mor information Contact Ana!

Ana Klikovac PhD:

Phone: +385 1 7988 870
Mob: +385 99 322 1312


“I am know enjoying your Tissue Salt class as I am writing. What a wealth of applicable information I can use in my life and the lives of my family and friends.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Cheryl Woods, Sacramento, CA