New course: Understanding the Stress Patterns

Understanding the Stress Patterns

New 5-days Online Course on Zoom.

A total of 5 sessions, starting from August 27th, 2022
from 5-8 PM Zagreb time
Teacher: Ana Klikovac PhD
Language: English
Course fee: 335 EUR

Are you ready to understand your negative stress patterns and turn them into positive mode?

Do you wish to use the tools to recognise the negative stress patterns in your clients?

We all use the word ‘Stress’. But what the word Stress means to you, might be different to someone else.

In this course, you will understand:

  • types of stress and what are your own stress buttons
  • different ways of how people respond to stress
  • the role of our childhood patterns on our adult reactions to stress
  • the role of parents, teachers, and important authority figures on your stress style
  • how is your parenting style affecting your children’s stress patterns
  • stress in males and females
  • stress in children and adults
  • what tissue salts you are depleting, depending on the type of stress you are facing
  • why are you depleting a certain tissue salt more than the others
  • how to recognise and change the negative stress patterns for yourself and your family
  • hot to guide your clients to change the stress patterns
  • how flower essences can help with tissue salts depletions
  • how to combine flower essences with tissue salts
  • which flower essence corresponds to a certain tissue salt

Flower essences work on emotions. Tissue salts work on physical body. Learn how to combine these two to resolve negative stress patterns for yourself, your family and your clients!

Dates of the program: 

27.8., 3.9., 10.9., 17.9., 24.9., from 5-8 pm CET (Zagreb time).

All the session will be held live on Zoom. Recording will be available to all participants for 30 days after the course ends.

Certificate of participation will be issued.

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