ASHUH presents an international program in Homeopathy:


with Ana Klikovac PhD

Enrol to this unique international program and study homeopathy.

  • Want to study homeopathy?
  • Want to have knowledge and confidence to achieve great results in your practice with clients?
  • Want to broaden your horizons and learn various modern approaches in homeopathy?
  • Want to study Organon?

Ana Klikovac PhD, has created a specialised intensive study program in homeopathy, and the goals of such an individualised program are:

  • Rapid and effective acquiring of knowledge and skills about different approaches in homeopathy
  • Gaining skills in quick repertorisation of the cases
  • Concentrated material for quick and easy practical application
  • Learning based on real cases from Ana’s practice
  • Solving difficult cases from practice with in-depth case analysis
  • Understanding and combining different approaches and methods in homeopathy
  • Applying different complementary healing methods to solve cases
  • Learning about diversities of clients and different cultures from cases from Ana’s practice from different countries of the world

The mentoring program might be beneficial for: 

  • Homeopathic doctors and homeopathic practitioners
  • Students of homeopathy
  • Anyone who is interested in studying homeopathy

Study homeopathy and apply for our program starting in October 2023:

MATERIA MEDICA of 60 homeopathic remedies – STARTING IN OCTOBER 2023

Mentor: Ana Klikovac PhD

Master 60 remedies to better understand your clients, The remedies are presented in such way that you can easily remeber and recognize each remedy.

You will learn about my choice of 60 top homeopathic remedies needed in your practice. Learn about 60 precious remedies from my practice, taught with case examples, differentiation with other remedies, and remedy stories you will remebmer!

Tips and tricks from my practice will be shared throughout the program.

You will simply enjpy this course, working together in an interactive group of likeminded individuals who share the same passion for homeopathy as you do. 

All participants will be awarded with the Certificate of attendance.

Language: English

Duration of the program: 60 hours hours in class on Zoom, with 60 hours of home study / a total of 120 hours

The class is held weekly, 1,5 hours per session, starting from October 19, 2023.

Mentoring time: 4,30 – 6,00 PM CET (Zagreb time zone)

Please check your timezone here.

Programs to follow:

Level 2 – Practitioner level: study Organon in depth, case taking skills, and solving simple homeopathic cases – SEPTEMBER 2024

Level 3 – Advanced Practitioner Level: study solving complex cases

Level 4 – Modern Practitioner: Study modern approaches in homeopathy and use different approaches in your practice

Please note: You can start at any level, depending on your previous knowledge, and you can stop at any level. Once you complete a level, you will be awarded with a certificate of completion.


To book your seat at the program, please send an e-mail to .

The program is conducted online as Zoom meeting, not as Zoom webinar, where participants will enjoy active live discussion about the cases with Ana, and will be able to ask questions during case solving.

As the program is interactive, and Ana is observing the progress of each individual participant, the number of places on the program is limited.

Book you seat at the program NOW

ASHUH is dedicated to spreading knowledge in the field of homeopathy and related natural healing methods!