For more than ten years I have been working with clients from various countries. My moto is always:


My clients reach out to me for guidance and encouragement when going through difficult and challenging times. And by listening, and really hearing them out, without prejudice or judgement, I can be their support and mentor.

Let me know if you wish to improve your health and wellbeing, if you want to understand yourself and your family members better, overcome your own traumas, and resolve situations in difficult relationships.

I offer individual coaching hours, consisting of various approaches, depending on client’s individual needs:

  • Holistic wellbeing coaching – improve your health & wellbeing
  • Resolving your timeline issues – let go of your personal traumas
  • Relationships coaching – find your balance in difficult relationships
  • Set up your business coaching – guidance for those who are starting their consulting business
  • …and various different self-improvement areas, where you need guidance to become the best version of yourself

For inquiries about coaching in any of these areas, and to sign-up to the waiting list, please contact me at